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Welcome to the Redcoder website, dedicated to the pursuit of Corewars!

You visit us while this site is undergoing a major redesign; sorry if some links are dead, or some pages lack the new look & feel; this will fixed soon. The archive bit isn't nearly finished; it'll be announced on r.g.c. when it is..

This site is home to the Redcoder graphical emulator for Corewars warriors. It is also home to the fascinating (no, really!) Species Corewars Evolver Framework. This framework uses genetic algorithms to evolve warriors.

Redcoders Frenzy round 16: The Triple Challenge Round is promising to be very exciting. Hopefully Species, with the new fingerprinting code, will acquit itself well (or at least learn from it). This is an excellent chance to show-off some of the fancy graphs Kepler has been generating for us: so without further ado, here is loads of warriors from the a not-very-recent 94nop at Koenigstuhl, grouped by fingerprint and scored by wilfiz!

Current research into the frequency of various opcodes being executed has lead to 92 of the top 100 warriors from the 94-nop koenigstuhl hill fighting each other for 100 rounds each. That is almost half-a-million fights! Took Barkley Vowk's old Alpha a couple of hours. Results are on this very site, right here. Thanks to Barkley and Joonas for assistance.

This site also hosts the beginnings of a searchable warrior archive. That is still very much work in progress.

Finally, as corewars competitions come and go, the site author's interest wanders, and there are some 'personal' pages for various corewars competition rounds. Currently Neogryzor has been running mini challenges, and you might want to look at this page to see some warriors designed for round 3.

Copyright © Will 'Varfar' 2002/2003. All Rights Reserved