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Varfar's RedCoder


  1. What is it?
  2. Screenshot!
  3. Feature status
  4. Download
  5. Which Mars? - if you are interested in programming and specifically in programming Mars emulators, you might be interested in a quick summary I wrote to myself to stop me forgetting what I found when I dug up all the sourcecode I could find..

RedCoder has been superceded by Redcoder 2, which is a new fresh complete reimplementation of the feature-set that set this Original Redcoder apart; and like this Redcoder, Redcoder 2 isn't finished either!

What is it?

RedCoder is a graphical MARS Emulator, incorporating a powerful debugger. The graphical nature should make it approachable to newcomers, while the graphical debugging might attract serious corewars devotees. Maybe. It is written in object-pascal. It runs on Windows, but might sometime be ported to Linux too.



shot1.jpg - a sneek preview showing a stone (orange) about to be assimilated by an imp (blue)
(this is a bit out of date)


Feature status

In rough order they will be tackled
- Proper load from dialog, random starting positions
- Debug the MARS Emulator
- Add debugging options such as 'follow thread' and 'follow process'
- Add support for PSpace (PINs etc), and decide on a nice way to show this in debug
50% Breakpoints, and conditional breakpoints; just needs the dialogs and a break-on-read (trickier)
- Proper Redcode assembly parser, rather than the preprocessed one
- Integrated editing, syntax highlighting
- Reference arrows in debug views
- Editable core
- Fast run mode
- Analyser, optimizer, gene-identifier



  1. (20021127, ~311k) - a sneek preview of progress so-far
    (win32 only, runs from the commandline, read the README.txt and read just run "RedCoder" to see the parameters)


Copyright © Will 'Varfar' 2002/2003. All Rights Reserved