Warriors in group #104


(1316 pts)
Lukasz Grabun
La Vibra

(1326 pts)
Philip Kendall
Syzygy 1.3

Scan / spl carpet -> spl/spl/dat coreclear 1.3: major rewrite

(1391 pts)
bjoern guenzel
tinc 2

scanner, not as small as I had hoped...

(1239 pts)
bjoern guenzel
tiny scan

paper x-tinction ??? Probably not :-( 0.66c size 12 scanner, bombs with s/s/j -> s/d/d... clear beta test - no boot or decoy yet

(1078 pts)
bjoern guenzel
x-frog 2

0.66c scan, bomb incendary I think I found a really fast switch, but is bombing the second location with a jmp first_loc really so bad? that would be the fastest way to attack both locations.

Average Score: 1270