Warriors in group #6


(1296 pts)
Ryan Coleman
Always Cooperate

play nice still not happy after the last ruling. i'd figured this strategy with a large 'pit' of spls and stps was the way to go but that does defeat the PD aspect of this tourney oh well

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Karl Lewin
Burger Chef & Jeff

Quick bomb run with tornado engine followed by a very basic paper. :(

(1366 pts)
Ian Oversby

Die Hard with a little more aggression hopefully

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(1383 pts)
Mike Nonemacher
nobody special

Paper like TimeScape, but with lots more core-trashing, anti-imping, etc.

(1259 pts)

Ya know... it's kinda odd, but I did some statistical tests, and as near as I can figure, I can't possibly score less than 67 tournament points for this round. My warrior does nothing but boot straight to timescape, and then proceeds to beat any pspacer that takes more than 7 cycles to boot. Even if the opponent always chooses HSA, the 7 cycles I save by not having any pspace routines allows me to come out slightly ahead. And since as far as I know any warrior capable of remembering the results for more than past round will require at least 7 cycles... so thusly this program beats any possible pspacer for this round. Worst case scenario: an infinite number of people submit warriors, and they all boot straight to timescape. And one other person submits a warrior which boots straight to HSA. We all score 67 and the HSA guy scores 100. I felt the need to justify my warrior choice with a lot of strategy lines, since it's so incredibly lame. :)

(1379 pts)
J. Pohjalainen
TimeScape (1.0)

I'm stuck with replicators! Here is _The Latest_ one! \---------------------------\ ---------------------- / ts1 spl @ts1, }STEP1 / Phoenix/Cell warrior \ mov.i }ts1, >ts1 \ body, 6+ processes to / ts2 spl @ts2, }STEP2 / keep That Thing alive, \ mov.i }ts2, >ts2 \ two of them working / mov.i {ts2, >--> TimeScape! \T I M E T O E S C A P E\ ---------------------- v1.0: added more havoc in above code (or I hope so!)

(1375 pts)
Zul Nadzri
U-Lat II

splits 'n bombs

Average Score: 1356