Warriors in group #81


(1260 pts)
Justin Kao
Dust 0.8

Guenzel-style clear and imp spiral. Turn opponents into dust and blow them away! :)

(1372 pts)
John K W

Gotta love those stone/imps, right?

(1270 pts)
John K W
EvolTmp - multi 4

Gotta love those stone/imps, right? Well... here's Evoltmp... yet again! YAY!! I didn't submit it for the Battle Royale round, but maybe I should have. ;-) The only thing I changed was the bombing constant (and bootdist so the new constant would work)... mod 8 seemed to work better than mod 4 for this round. I experimented with other warriors, but nothing beat this. :/ I had some high hopes for a "core clear"-ish warrior... but at best it would tie this.

(1473 pts)
M R bremer
Nine Seven Six

q^2 scan --> bomber & imp stole most of the q^2 from probe submitted: @date@

Average Score: 1343